Mass Effect Ending Discussion

I was contacted recently by a few friends who wanted to discuss the controversial ending to Mass Effect 3 (If you haven’t seen yet, a lot of people are angry about how Bioware ended the series). However, at the time, I hadn’t finished the game. So I told them that as soon as I finished it, I would make a post on here so that we could discuss the matter. I just finished it last night, so here it is! We will discuss whether we liked the ending, as well as a couple theories that several of us have pertaining to the game. If you’d like to give your own opinion or theory, don’t hesitate to make a comment! So let the spoilers begin!!!



Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

UPDATE: I’ve played the game a little more now, so I’ve edited this review a little bit and added some more information at the end.

I’ve been playing KOAR (Let’s just go with KOAR, since the name is so big), and I’ve been having a pretty good time. It isn’t the greatest game I’ve played, but it’s definitely not the worst either. If you want to know the whole background and story of the game, I’m not going to be covering it here (Mostly because, in my opinion, it’s not that great. At least not yet. I’m still getting into it). From the beginning, it felt as though the game was lacking in something. Yes, the game has you customize your character at the beginning, but it doesn’t feel right. There are preset options for everything, so it doesn’t have full customization, but I didn’t really mind that too much. Little things, however, started to bug me. Continue reading

Gaming In Space!

I know I’ve already talked about Mass Effect 3 a lot, but I can’t help mentioning BioWare’s latest news stunt. BioWare announced last week that they are going to be launching several copies of Mass Effect 3 into space. Yes, you heard right. Space. The final frontier, and all that. They will be sending them off on weather balloons, and then we will be able to track the games via GPS tracking on their website, with the hopes of recovering them when they land back on Earth. Not only will several lucky individuals get a free copy, but the games are predicted to land a week before the official launch. I was hoping there would be one soaring over San Diego, but unfortunately, they say that the games are going to be over New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London, and Paris. This is by far the craziest stunt by a game developer I’ve ever heard of, and I have a suspicion that once recovered, these games are going to go for quite a large sum on eBay. So if you live in one of those areas, watch your head! You just might be the recipient of the first video game from space!

New Mass Effect 3 Demo

There’s a brand new demo out on Xbox Live, and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be talking about it. The third installment of the Mass Effect series is coming out soon, and to prep everyone for it, they have released a demo. I’d like to tell you what the demo includes besides the fact that it’s a third-person, open-world RPG, but I’m actually not sure if I’m going to play it. Usually I love a good demo, but I can’t quite get myself to download this one. I love Mass Effect, so you’d think I would want to play it, but the opposite has occurred. I don’t want anything spoiling the story for me before I get the whole game, and even if it doesn’t spoil anything, it’ll only tease me into wanting the full game even more! I have the same opinion towards large previews in gaming magazines (or spoiled news on the internet) regarding games that I’m really looking forward to. I just can’t have anyone spoil huge sections of the game for me. I guess if someone is curious about picking up ME3 without playing the first two, then the demo (and previews) would make sense, but usually one would think that they would want to play the first two before they wanted to play the third, because they’re not going to know what the story is about. Also, in Mass Effect, a lot of the things you do in the first two games actually carry over into the third through your saved games, so starting on the third game won’t have the same impact as playing the whole series. So if anyone plays it, feel free to express your opinion about it in the comment section. If you haven’t played any of the Mass Effect games, I would definitely recommend picking up the first and second game (they’re probably incredibly cheap now), or if you don’t want to play them, go ahead and try the demo! It’ll still give you a pretty good idea about whether or not you’ll like the full game.

Bioshock 2 Review

I finally got around to playing Bioshock 2 the other day, and I was kind of disappointed. It just didn’t have the same eeriness that the first one did. I guess it could be because of the fact that in this one, you play as a big daddy, and so you don’t have that same vulnerable feeling when you’re in a giant metal suit. I just never felt like I was fully immersed in the story, like I was with the first one. I felt as if this one was too “go here, shoot this. Then go here and shoot this,” whereas the first was more of a “go here, but take your time, enjoy yourself, and walk through the city to get there” kind of gameplay. I remember catching myself multiple times just admiring the environment in the first game. I rarely did that in this one. I did however, still appreciate the story. It was very compelling and I think being a big daddy within the game threw a huge twist in the story, but I just didn’t feel the same about it. I just can’t wrap my head around what the problem was. I also tried the online mode, and it was pretty fun, but it didn’t have much instruction, so I had to learn as I went, which was a little annoying. Don’t think that this review is mostly negative though. It still had great qualities. The graphics were nice, the story was great, and it even had a few little RPG elements in it, where your choices affected the game’s ending sequence. I just didn’t get involved in it as I wished I could have. However, even through all of the negative aspects in the game, I would still recommend this game to others. It’s a pretty quick play through, and you can pick it up for around 11 dollars at GameStop (or probably any other retailer for that matter). Can’t do much better than that!

Another Upcoming Release

The more I hear about it, the more I’m looking forward to Mass Effect 3. The game releases on March 6th, and I have a feeling there’s going to be a huge amount of sales starting on day 1. The last two games were amazing, and I can’t imagine this one being any different. The fact that they allow you to save the data from the previous two games and load them into the third is crazy. It’s now a true series, where something that was done in the first and second game actually affects a player’s experience in the third game. For those who don’t know what Mass Effect is, it is a 3rd-person shooter and RPG at it’s core. You play as Commander Shephard (a male or female character, depending on the player’s preference), who is hired to protect humanity (as well as other races) from a mysterious aggressor known as the Reapers. There’s a lot more backstory, but you basically fly around to different planets and solar systems where you choose to either be a good or bad guy (or girl), and help or hurt various other groups of individuals. There is a system of choices within every conversation, and this is where the RPG-style elements come into play. The only thing I am worried about is the support for Kinect that Bioware is adding. I really have a hard time imagining anyone wanting to virtually punch and stab every bad guy, as well as read the dialogue for the whole damn game, but who knows, maybe they do. We’ll see I guess…