Halo Anyone?

Well if you haven’t heard the news yet, Halo 4 is coming and it’s being released a lot sooner than you’d think. I would have thought that it possibly could have been a release title on the next Xbox console, but I guess not. It is currently scheduled to be released toward the end of this year. I usually wouldn’t be very excited for a Halo game anymore, because I’ve been getting bored of them, but I’m actually quite intrigued by this one. I just watched a video that 343 Industries made (The new company behind Halo, since Bungie isn’t working on it anymore), and they described the difference between this Halo and the older ones. The one factor that really caught my attention was the fact that they are focusing more on Master Chief as a character, rather than just saving the world. They are going into his back story , because the only sources that have done this as of right now are the novels and comics based on the franchise. I have personally read many of the Halo novels, and Master Chief’s story is actually quite fantastic. So if you’re interested at all about Halo, I would watch the news feed of any and all gaming sources you may follow. I’m sure a lot of news will be released in the near future (with the most probably being announced during E3 in the summer). OXM has also interviewed Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries about Halo 4’s multiplayer, and I highly recommend you check it out. Well that’s all I have right now. If anyone else has an opinion on the latest Halo news, feel free to comment below!

Also, if you’re not interested in Halo, Mass Effect 3 is also coming out tomorrow! As I’ve stated before, I highly recommend that everyone check it out, because it really is a fantastic series.

Assassin’s Creed III

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make a post for a few days, but I’m finally free to make some posts. Also, check out the new Facebook design! (I think it’s pretty cool, personally) Make sure to like the page, and follow me on Twitter and Google+ as well in order to get the latest news when I’m unable to make posts on here.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know about a piece of news that was recently announced. If you’ve ever played Assassin’s Creed, you know the extremely original story, and now, it has become even better. After all, the environments in the previous games, in my opinion, have started to get old. That’s why Ubisoft has thrown a complete new twist on the game’s story, and they’ve announced it by releasing the game’s cover art. The newest Assassin’s Creed game will be duringĀ the Revolutionary War!Characters in the picture can be seen dressed in traditional Revolutionary-War style clothing, while wielding that same era’s weapons as well. Lastly, you can see the American flag in the background, which has the Revolutionary-style design on it. Personally, I think this is an awesome twist to the story. It will bring all new weapons into the mix, and I’m sure it will have a completely different play-style as well. This is really all they’ve officially announced so far, but GameInformer stated that they will have a huge 13-page cover story on it very soon. As of right now, Gameinformer has some extra pictures on their site, but they’ll add more after the article is released. I will definitely be following this story, and if anything else come’s up, I’ll make sure to post about it. If I’ve missed any news, feel free to comment below!

The Death Of Print, And The Growth Of Digital Distribution

This post is less about Xbox, and more about an observation that I’ve had recently. I subscribe to 2 gaming magazines: The Official Xbox Magazine, and Gameinformer (It’s kinda just packaged in with a Gamestop membership, but whatever). Just a couple months ago, OXM has started putting their magazine up for digital download via newsstand (Apple’s magazine store), and Gameinformer has begun to as well. I was happy because I had another reason to use my iPad, but also kind of sad, because it shows that print isn’t doing so well. After all, we can get newspapers, magazines, and whole books online now. We don’t have to wait for any of them to ship to our house, and because of this, many of the distribution companies are having a huge impact on profits. I loved getting the physical magazines because I could pile them up and see all of the stuff I had read, but I, along with a lot of other people, gave into temptation and subscribed digitally. I fear, like the music industry, the print industry will go almost completely digital in the near future.

I do, however, see some of the benefits to this. A lot more people have access to digital content now. Because of this, they don’t have to be weighed down by large books, as well as wait for things to come in the mail. This could actually positively affect the market because it’s now much easier for people to get their information, and so they might feel more inclined to subscribe to a digital magazine. Now I know this isn’t very Xbox related, but I do have a recommendation for everyone. I recommend going online and subscribing to Gameinformer or OXM. It’s incredibly cheap, and you don’t have to wait for it to get shipped to you anymore. This is a great way to get a taste for what the magazines are like, and if you end up hating them, there’s no trash to throw away! I think that these magazines (More OXM than Gameinformer though) are great tools for any Xbox user (The OXM podcast as well), and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Playing Games For A Living

Have you ever wanted to play video games and get payed for it? It seems like every kid’s dream job, but it’s actually a possibility. Careers like game reviewers at gaming magazines are completely possible if you really want it. How do you get this job, you say? Well, Dan Amrich, the guy behind One Of Swords just wrote a whole book on it! He’s been reviewing games, talking about games, and playing games his whole life, and he gets paid to do it! He currently works at Activision as a community manager, but he has worked at OXM (The Official Xbox Magazine), Gamepro, GamesRadar, Wired, and others. If you’d like to know more about it, go ahead and check out his website (also in the sidebar on the right). The book is available on Kindle and paperback now, and will be on iBooks soon. So if you’ve ever been interested in working in the gaming industry, this would probably put you in the right direction.

Speaking of books, Hugh Sterbakov’s book that I mentioned before, entitled “City Under The Moon,” now has a full web page. It even has a sample of the book on hisĀ site, in case you were hesitant about buying the book before. So there’s no excuse now! Check it out!

Podcasts Anyone?

I’ve listened to a lot of gaming podcasts, but most of them haven’t lasted. They either stopped making episodes, or just simply lost their touch. Even most of the gaming podcasts put on by the famous gaming channel G4 have come and gone. They only have a few good ones left. However, I have stuck to two specific podcasts that have helped me stay in the loop with a lot of gaming news. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I haven’t actually talked about them in any sort of depth. The first podcast I listened to is one of the only ones that I have still stuck with all this time. The Official Xbox Magazine Podcast (KOXM) has been the greatest source of Xbox news I’ve ever had, besides their monthly magazine. I’ve been listening since episode one, and they’re now on episode 285. They have been around for so long that they’ve really perfected the art of podcasting. They have giveaways every week and I’ve won multiple times. After listening to KOXM for a while, one of the co-hosts left and started his own podcast because he was hired by Activision. He then started the One Of Swords podcasts, which also happens to be the other podcast I now listen to. They have great information on all types of gaming (related to Activision, obviously), and the co-hosts are hilarious. They’re both fantastic weekly podcasts and I recommend them both to all gamers. If anyone would like to check them out, the links are on the right side of the home page.