About Us

Hi there! Welcome to my personal blog, XboxOpinions! My name is Ian, and I’m a college student at San Diego State University. I’ve always been a huge fan of Xbox. Actually, I’ve always been a fan of video games in general, but ever since the original Xbox came out, it’s been my favorite gaming console. I’ve always had the idea of creating a site where Xbox fans could chat with each other about games they were playing, and discuss news and information about past, present, and future releases related to the Xbox.

Since this site is mainly about me, I guess I’ll give my own “gaming cred,” because I know gamers love comparing stats and boasting about who has a higher level or gamerscore. I’ve been playing Xbox since the beginning. I am mainly an FPS player, however I love American-style RPG’s like Mass Effect, Fallout, and the Elder Scrolls series, as well as most other genres of games. I currently have about 57,000 Gamerscore, and currently read several Xbox-related magazines, including GameInformer and The Official Xbox Magazine (I listen to their podcast as well). I’m also a member of the BLaK clan, and if you’d like to check us out, go to our youtube page. If you’d like to check out my profile, my gamertag is BLaK xASSAULTx. That way you can see what games I’ve played, and if you want me to write a review on any of them, let me know!

Because of the existence of trolls, I’ve established some comment rules (I didn’t think of these myself. I borrowed them from someone else I know who also has a blog). As you can see, I am the moderator of all comments. This means that I can prevent any trolling from ever taking place. My dream would be to establish a legitimate user base of people who simply love chatting about Xbox. If this were to happen, I would love to put more people on my side of the table, and have them be able to make their own posts as well. From there we would have many different opinions and have a real good environment where, for once, we can discuss what we really want to talk about, rather than someone insulting our mother every five minutes.

Anyways, if anyone is reading this, I hope you will help me build this website to its full potential, because I really do think that a place where Xbox gamers can chat outside Xbox Live is a great thing to have, and if utilized properly, can spark great conversations and friendships.