Xbox One Release Date Revealed

We have a release date! Today Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be released on the 22nd of November. This day might not seem very significant to the average consumer, but Microsoft chose this date for a reason. Its significance began with the Xbox 360, which was also released on the 22nd of November back in 2005, meaning that the Xbox will be 8 years old when its successor is released.

Microsoft’s marketing Executive Yusuf Mehdi also stated that they are still planning on packing a code for FIFA 14 with all European Day One editions. No confirmations on whether or not we will get the same sort of deal, but fingers crossed.

For anyone looking to continue playing their 360 for a while before they purchase an Xbox One, good news! Microsoft has announced that they will be supporting the 360 for 3 more years. This means that at the end of the 360’s lifespan, it will have lasted 11 whole years! That is an incredible amount of shelf life for a gaming console.

Lastly, they have confirmed that the GPU as well as the CPU have been given a performance boost. The GPU improvement was announced back at Gamescom, but the 10% increase in performance to the CPU was announced alongside the release date. Instead of being 1.6GHz, it is now 1.75 GHz. Most consumers could care less, but this is great news for game developers.

Any thoughts as to whether or not this date was a good decision? Is it smart to release the X1 after the PS4 instead of before? Post your thoughts below.

Rising From The Ashes

For a while it really seemed like Microsoft’s new policies had hit rock bottom. 360 owners were coming out in full force stating that they were now going to buy PS4s. As the days have progressed, however, Microsoft has done everything to put their console back on the table. They’ve reversed their DRM policies. They no longer an internet connection. They no longer require Kinect to be constantly plugged in.¬†They were very close to losing a lot of fans, but I think they’ve finally turned it around.

Now with all of the most recent news coming out of Microsoft themselves, as well as press conferences like that at Gamescom, we’re getting a much better look into what the console actually has to offer. There’s in-depth videos regarding the new hardware, the full launch lineup has been released, and even huger news is coming out of Europe.

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