Let The Games Begin!

As much as I love Xbox, there is no way I can dismiss what is going on with the other gaming consoles. I figured it would only be right to go over some quick points on what my opinions are towards Sony’s latest announcements regarding the future of Playstation.

If this venue doesn't yell "Playstation," then I don't know what does. I really think they should get some other colors in their color palette.

If this venue doesn’t yell “Playstation,” then I don’t know what does. I really think they should get some other colors in their color palette.

After boring me with their Playstation Vita news, they finally grabbed my attention when they officially announced the PS4. They began going over the specs for it’s GPU, CPU, RAM, and other main features within the console (although they weren’t showing the actual console). I was quite impressed, but not really surprised, by what I heard. It really isn’t that surprising that the PS4 will be able to do vastly more powerful things than its predecessor. That being said, there were a few curveballs that I found intriguing.

First, the idea of digital downloads for the PS4 are very interesting. They stated that instead of waiting for a game to fully download, it will initially only download the necessities, allowing you to play the game faster, and then download the rest in the background. Also, the PSN (Playstation Network) is being adjusted so that each player gets a more customized experience. For instance, it will try and predict which game you will buy next and preload it onto the console before you even buy it. That way, when you hit “buy”, it’s already there, ready to play. I’m not really sure how successful these features will be, but if they work as well as they make it sound, it should be very cool.

Another cool feature was the idea that the console can go into a “sleep mode” of sorts, where, before falling asleep, it will store the last moments of data onto it’s RAM, so that when the console is booted back up, it will continue exactly where it left off. This could definitely be a helpful feature, essentially getting rid of overheating due to leaving the console on.

The game list was exactly what I expected, highlighting the latest news from the Staple Playstation games like Little Big Planet and Killzone. The only cool addition was Bungies quick announcement of their new project “Destiny” being available for PS4.

They also showed off their new controller, the DualShock 4, which I still think is terrible when compared to the Xbox controller, but I’ll have to see if this new edition will change my mind. As for the Playstation Move (a stick with a glowing ball at the end), I still think it’s silly and outdated, so I won’t even get started on discussing that.

Looks close enough to what they had before that it still doesn't look appealing to me. I'm trying to stay positive though. Surprise me Sony, please.

Looks close enough to what they had before that it still doesn’t look appealing to me. I’m trying to stay positive though. Surprise me Sony, please.

Lastly was the idea of connecting gamers through social media, including a new type of gamer profile similar to Facebook, as well as a supposed new social media experience dedicated only to gamers. Although the last part was unexpected, I would’ve been shocked if they didn’t integrate Facebook/Twitter/etc. somehow.

Overall, I think it was a pretty good presentation, but not mind-blowing. It was about what I expected. EXCEPT for one little thing. THEY NEVER SHOWED US THE DAMN CONSOLE. What the hell was that about? Seriously, talk about every part inside the console, but don’t show me the box that it’s all kept in. Just seems a bit silly to me. I understand they’re trying to keep it mysterious and all, but I really think it backfired on them. All I’ve heard from others is that they’re pissed that they didn’t see the console. I think this was a bad move on Sony’s part, but maybe they’ve got something up their sleeves. Anyways, if you have any opinions, feel free to comment below!

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  1. It was a great presentation from Sony tonight! Even though they didn’t show the console, I’m okay with that because instead we saw the controller, we saw the awesome launch-day games (besides Destiny and we hope that they’re launch day) AND we know it’s coming in 2013 which is AWESOME NEWS. Besides, if they showed the console now, what would they have to show us for E3? =] They still have the element of surprise and the upper hand against Microsoft now. By Sony having such a good presentation and sticking with their core function, games not entertainment, this means Microsoft will HAVE to BRING IT in order to see a chance at even having good sales because if Sony drops that right price, people will FLOCK over to them and get those launch titles if the price is reasonable. I say that because the PS4 is expected to launch cheaper than the PS3 did. So, I have one simple equation for this… Cheap hardware (PS4) = expensives games. Just like how printers are. High cost for a printer = low cost of ink, and vice-versa. That “printer effect” will be the same for the PS4. That’s my 2 cents =] and I’m a Xbox gamer, but they captivated me enough to make me turnover =]

  2. You’ve got some good points, and I do think that E3 is now the official date for the PS4’s unveiling. It has to be (which makes me even more upset because I won’t be able to go to E3 this year). And I agree, Microsoft DEFINITELY needs to bring it with the new Xbox. On the most basic level, they really need a blue ray reader, but I’m sure they’ll have one. However, if they fall short and have weaker hardware, Sony will definitely see some large sales figures in their favor. And I sincerely hope they keep the prices down on both the consoles AND the games. That would really be a huge relief. But I have no predictions for that sort of thing, besides the fact that if I were them, I’d want to keep the 60 dollar price point on games.

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