Revolution DLC Pack For Black Ops 2 Preview

If you pay attention of Call of Duty news, you are about to be bombarded with information regarding the upcoming DLC pack entitled “Revolution.” Why? Because a new trailer was just released, with information regarding 4 new multiplayer maps, a new zombies map, a new zombies game mode, and a new online weapon. Because you’re going to want to watch the video anyways, I’ll just show it to you instead of summarize the whole damn thing. So here ya go!

I think this first pack is looking fantastic. The maps all look very original, and I like it when they include pieces of the map that change as the game progresses, such as the water in the dam on Hydro, or the gondolas moving through the Downhill map. I think little nuances like these give the map life, and are just enough to keep player on their toes. As for the new additions to zombies, I’m very pleased with what they’ve added. I always like new zombie maps, and I think we’ve all been wanting to play as zombies for quite a while (at least I have). The zombie maps in this game are already my favorite out of any other COD game, so the fact that they’re adding to that list is very exciting.

I think the new gun addition could either go very good, or very bad. COD players are known for being whiny. They’re always complaining about guns ┬ábeing overpowered/underpowered/etc. With that in mind, I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be complaining that the gun is either too strong/weak, OR they’ll be complaining that they don’t get to use it because they didn’t purchase the DLC. Whatever it is, I’m sure they’ll find some way to complain.

Also, if you bought the 50 dollar season pass, not only will you be saving money on this DLC pack, but the rest as well. There are 4 projected packs at 15 dollars each, so do the math and you’ll be saving 10 dollars in total.

Overall, I think this is a great looking initial DLC pack, and I can’t wait to check it out for myself on January 29th! If you have any opinions on this, make sure to post them below! Do you like what you see? Do you think it’s worth the money? Let me know!