My Thoughts On The New Mass Effect 3 Ending

I finally got around to playing the new ME3 ending a while ago, and I was quite impressed. Although I still don’t fully agree that Bioware should’ve made a new ending in the first place, I do think they did an excellent job given the circumstances. If you want the condensed version without any spoilers, here it is:

Bioware did an excellent job answering most of the questions that the community had. For example, they explained how Commander Shepard’s comrades miraculously got onto the Normandy at the end of the game, as well as the “indoctrination theory” that was discussed all around the internet (even here!). They even included a cutscene at the end of the game that explained what the consequences of your last decision were. All of these added up to a much more complete and though-provoking ending. I was much more emotionally satisfied with my actions once the game finished, whereas I definitely wasn’t before. Okay…. That’s pretty much it for the spoiler free edition. Here’s the rest of my thoughts:

So what exactly did Bioware change? Well, they changed several key moments in the final battle that ultimately answered most of our questions. For example, before you ran to the beam to get onto the citadel, it looked like your whole squad got taken out by the giant laser-toting reaper. Now, the cutscene shows the Normandy flying down and grabbing your squad because they were injured and called for evacuation. They also show Shepard being thrown onto the Citadel, which eliminated any suspicion of the whole last scene being in his mind.

The most noticeable difference is actually at the very last moment of the game (the one with the weird ghost-child). Not only is there a 4th ending that can be chosen, but the 3 options from before are described in a much better way. They still do the same thing, but now at least the player knows what he/she is even doing. When I did my playthrough, I chose the synthesis option, which bridged the gap between synthetics and organics in an attempt to create harmony throughout the galaxy. It seemed to be the best out of the three (according to how my Shepard was throughout the rest of the game). Once the Synthesis cutscene ended, the game inserted a brand new cutscene showing the aftermath of your decision. For me, it showed all species (even synthetics) in perfect harmony. If you look closely, you can even see synthetic markings on all beings that were once just organic. It showed how each race progressed into the future, and even how the Reapers helped out, since they weren’t wiped out with the synthesis option. It was definitely a much more emotional ending than before, and I’m completely satisfied with how they chose to end it. Any problems that still exist with the ending, in my opinion, don’t matter anymore. I understand Bioware can’t make everyone happy, but I do believe they did the best they could given the circumstances.

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