Halo 4 Gameplay Video & Multiplayer Preview

Note: This is an old preview of Halo 4 before the game came out. Therefore, some of this info is incorrect. Thanks for stopping by!

If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer for Halo 4 yet, check out this video. It’s the mission that they showed to us when we saw it at E3, but they gave us some extra information about it while we watched. Today I’ll be relaying all of the information they gave to me, as well as what my impressions were about the multiplayer match that I was able to play.

I won’t give you a play-by-play article of what you just watched, but I will point out some of the important information. For instance, the first large ship that you saw is called the UNSC Infinity, which will play a large part in single player and multiplayer. Due to a new graphics engine that 343 Industries has built, the whole game will look much better. The planet that Master Chief is on is a forerunner planet called “Requiem,” and is the site of the introduction of a whole new enemy: The Prometheans (although the covenant are still present). At first, you saw the “crawlers,” as well as the powerful “knight” and his sidekick, the “watcher.” You also saw a variant of the knight called the “knight lancer,” which we were told was only one of the many variants of enemies we’ll see in the final game. Some of the new weapons include the light rifle (seen first), and the scattershot (seen second). If you’re interested in Master Chief’s new abilities, you’ve already seen one of them. In the last gameplay scene, the enemy is shown glowing red. This is called Promethean vision, and is one of many unique abilities in Halo 4.

This is the UNSC Infinity. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about this ship as we get closer to the game’s launch date.

Now, let’s talk multiplayer. There’s 2 different versions, and the progression system carries over into both. These versions are called War Games (online multiplayer) and Spartan Ops (co-op). For once in what seems like all of multiplayer history, Halo 4 has actually given a reason as to why players are fighting each other. Their reasoning? The UNSC starship Infinity. The Infinity is where Spartans train and prepare for combat by interacting in fighting simulations and competing against one another via War Games and Spartan Ops. On top of that, 343 Industries is doing something that is completely unheard of in all of gaming history. The Spartan Ops are going to be based off of a weekly (yes, weekly) series that will be released as DLC through the Xbox Live Marketplace at no additional cost. Each week, after an episode is released, 5 new Spartan Ops missions will be introduced that correspond to that week’s episode. This is like adding a whole other campaign to the game for free! Along with new game types, there is a brand new progression system, including customizable loadouts, armor abilities/mods, and unlockable weapons.

This is PART of the line to see Halo. Some people probably waited a whole day just to see this game if they didn’t plan ahead.

Last but not least, let me tell you about the multiplayer match that I was lucky enough to play. Although there’s several game types, I played “Regicide.” Regicide is a free-for-all game type, but the difference is that the lead player is king, and constantly has a symbol over their head. As they get more kills, their bounty goes up, and whoever kills them obtains that bounty in the form of points. I played on a map called “adrift,” which takes place inside a decommissioned UNSC mining vessel. We were all able to select and customize our own loadouts and starting weapons, in which I chose to use the Battle Rifle and the DMR. I didn’t know what any of the abilities did, so I just kept the default ones. Once we started, I immediately noticed the changes to the game. The guns sounded amazingly realistic, and the graphics were incredibly sharp. Even the physics seemed more realistic. The game felt rock solid, with no glitches at all, and I ended up finishing 2nd overall! Regicide was an absolute blast and I wish I could play it again.

UPDATE: Upon request, I have included the controls for the game (see picture below). I was going to type them all out, but I figured why would I do that when I can just scan the pamphlet I got and stick it up here? It looks better that way anyways. So here they are!

Once again, if you have any other questions about the game, or if you feel I missed something, leave a comment below! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Is the fishstick scheme confirmed? Are there any possibilities it would be neglected? I hope not, I started shooters with call of duty, and the halo control scheme always has been confusing me… O___0

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