Where’s My DLC?!

DLC, or downloadable content, is a hot topic right now. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “But DLC has been happening for a long time, Ian!” Well you’re right, it has! But now, more than ever, DLC is something that game developers feel like they have an obligation to put out. If Call of Duty didn’t have any DLC after its release, fans would be absolutely furious, but is it really their place to be angry? That’s up for debate. Also, many games are now being shipped with DLC already on them, and then a developer with “sell” you the digital content for 10 dollars, when really all they’re doing is unlocking it on the disc (Mass Effect 3 had this happen. They sold the first piece of DLC right when the game came out) Once again, the matter of whether this is right to do is up for debate, and I see myself on both sides.

I do believe that DLC is a fantastic thing. It lets the developers satisfy its fans with a bunch of extra content for a smaller price than what they paid for the original game (and it also provides the developer a heap of extra cash, which helps them stay in business). However, when a company sets aside a DLC team to start developing extra content before the game is even released, I start to get offended. These developers could put that content right into the game (if they still had space on the disc, of course. We still need to be reasonable), and it wouldn’t make a difference. Instead, they choose to exclude it and then sell it later on. Of course I don’t know all of the details, but if this is really how game developers conduct business, then I don’t think that’s right. However, if the creators really do have a reason to include it later on, instead of alongside the release, then I completely understand. Also, I understand that it’s ultimately the developer’s choice to do what they want, and it’s my choice to buy the game or not, but I can be greedy can’t I?!

Speaking of DLC, I wanted to let everyone know that if you haven’t heard yet, Skyrim DLC is finally coming! Once again, the key word here is “finally,” as if I was entitled to DLC, but like I said, I can be greedy can’t I? They haven’t released any information yet, but it’s title is Dawnguard, and I’m hoping that this means we get a whole new area to explore, instead of just new missions (After all, Dawnguard sounds like the name of a town/district. Fingers crossed!) Here’s the picture that Bethesda has on their site. They don’t have any other info besides “summer” as a release date, but I’ll be sure to fill you in if I see anything at E3. Also, for you PC gamers, an Elder Scrolls MMO is coming! But I won’t be talking about that as much because this is an Xbox blog.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, don’t hesitate to comment below. Do you buy DLC? If you do, explain why, and if you don’t, explain why as well!

4 opinions on “Where’s My DLC?!

  1. Thinking of it as wrong to work on DLC before release isn’t really fair. Companies set a budget for the game. That game is then created within that budget and goes through all the phases of production that a game must go through. They then (or maybe during) set a budget for DLC. This new budget is set in a way for them to maximize profits off the content created within that budget that is sold at the much cheaper ($10 or so) that DLC goes for. So to say the DLC should be thrown on the disc last minute isn’t really fair to the companies as the budget that the DLC is developed under is a budget that needs to be met with sales to back it by selling the content at the intended price. The only real argument (which is one I believe deeply in) is that games are now made shorter or with less maps or less ideas because the companies know they can just release more in DLC later. DLC should be a way for developers to expand please their fans further. It should not be an excuse for releasing incomplete games or games with fewer maps just so they can create DLC later.

  2. I will say that the companies should not be putting DLC on the disc for the SOLE purpose of it offering up an argument as to whether it should be free or not. I don’t care if they finish DLC before release. But juts release it as DLC (DOWNLOAD content) and make me DOWNLOAD it like. Them putting it on the disc only invites gamers to bash them for not getting it free.

  3. You definitely bring up a valid point. Game developers do set strict budgets and time restraints, so the development of DLC while the full game is still in development does make sense. Like I said, if the game developers have a good reason for not including it on the disc, then I have no problem. It’s only when they purposely exclude it for the sole purpose of making a few extra bucks that irritates me. Like you said, it irritates me to think of a company purposely making their games shorter in order to make a few more bucks in DLC. Of course we’d never really know for sure if a company is doing this, but the concept itself is just wrong. DLC should only expand the original game, not complete it. Lastly, if DLC is finished before the game is shipped, I would also be much happier downloading the entire thing. It just starts way too many problems among gamers, and I personally have a problem buying something that I already have possession of.

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