Diablo 3 Coming To Xbox?

There were rumors a while ago about the just-released PC game Diablo 3 coming to Xbox, and there have been mixed opinions on whether or not it’s a good decision. After all, PC games are laid out completely differently when compared to a console game. PCs have a whole keyboard, while we only have a controller. Controls will have to be simplified, and the gameplay will be very different than it’s original format.

Recently, Blizzard has confirmed suspicions by saying that although they are planning an Xbox release, they are going to take a while. They said that they don’t want a straight port onto consoles. They actually want a console version with it’s own unique controls that have been designed specifically for controllers. They’re taking it very seriously, and are saying that they are in no rush to release it alongside it’s PC version. I’m very glad they’re taking this approach because it’s annoying when you can tell a game has been rushed just to get it released.

I personally don’t know much about the game, besides the fact that it’s a dungeon-crawler and a huge hit on PC. I’ve actually gotten more and more curious about it, to the point where I almost considered buying it, but if it’s coming out on Xbox I might just wait to pick it up then. If this game is pulled off successfully, this is going to be a huge story in the PC and console community. If you’ve played any Diablo games, including Diablo 3, you will definitely want to keep an eye on Blizzard, because they might be the next huge console game developer. Any thoughts? Post them below!

3 opinions on “Diablo 3 Coming To Xbox?

  1. It is cool they aren’t doing a simple port however being someone who has played the Diablo series I can say with near certainty that whatever they do come up with will not be as good as the PC version. The format for Diablo was perfected along time ago on PC and while they may come up with a decent way to control the game and have fun on console I doubt it will be anywhere near as fluid or easy as it is on PC. That being said I never was Diablo crazed like others. I enjoyed 1 and 2 and don’t know if I will ever play 3. Don’t think I have the dedication to get everything out of the game anymore.

  2. I’ll hold judgement on whether or not it’s going to be better or worse than PC, just because I don’t think it’s fair to judge yet, but I do understand what you mean. It has been designed for PC, so it’s controls have been created for that style of gameplay. Putting it onto a console is going to completely change how it’s played. I’m just curious to see what they do to compensate for the lack of a keyboard and mouse. It is Blizzard, so we know they won’t half-ass it. We just don’t know how the console community will respond to such a different type of game. Hopefully it goes over well.

  3. I personaly have never played the Diablo series, but I’m excited to see how it turns out on Xbox.

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