What’s Arcade NEXT?

What’s Arcade NEXT you ask? Well let me tell you! It’s the name of Microsoft’s most recent additions to the Xbox Live Arcade. Not only are they the most recent additions, but they are also the first ones on the Arcade to support Microsoft’s newest requirements for Arcade games (Microsoft is also saying that these games are the “NEXT” generations of “visual fidelity and platform-defining gameplay,” but I feel like that’s just a marketing scheme to get more sales). Before, all XBLA games had a maximum of 200 Gamerscore, and although 200 isn’t a bad amount, with the average price of XBLA games much higher now, a lot of gamers are mad that they still only get 200 Gamerscore. So to make them happy, any new XBLA games will now have 400 Gamerscore and up to 30 achievements. Personally, I’m very happy about this change because the average XBLA game isn’t 5 dollars anymore. Now that we’re paying 10 or 15 dollars per games, I think 400 is a much better number.

What games are included in Arcade NEXT you ask? Well, there’s 4 in particular. The first is ¬†Bloodforge, which looks to be a 3rd person hack-and-slash game with a lot of blood and gore. It’s 1200 Microsoft Points, and rated M. The next is Trials Evolution. I wrote a whole review on it, so if you’d like to know more about it, just read the review. It’s 1200 Microsoft Points, and rated E (10+). The third game is Fable Heroes, a hack-and-slash adventure game based on the Fable franchise, where you defeat enemies and collect gold coins. This one seems like more of a kid’s game, and is 800 Microsoft Points. Fable Heroes is rated E (10+). The last game is probably going to be the biggest selling one on the list. Minecraft has been a huge game on PC for quite a while, and although console adaptations of PC games often don’t come out well, this version apparently works great with a controller. I have never played Minecraft myself, but apparently it’s a world where you collect materials in order to build, well, pretty much anything you want. Minecraft is the most expensive, at 1600 Microsoft Points, and rated E (10+).

Well that’s it! If none of these games interest you, maybe some future games will. Either way, they will now all have 400 Gamerscore, and up to 30 achievements. Any opinions on the matter? Or maybe you’ve played these other games and would like to give your own opinion! Whatever it might be, don’t hesitate to make a comment below!

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