Trials Evolution Review

Over the course of my gaming history, I’ve noticed one defining factor in any great game. They all seem to allow me to travel through time! Well, ok, not really travel through time, but I feel as if I am. I’ll be playing a game for, oh I don’t know, 30 minutes, but then when I look back at the clock, 3 hours have gone by! It’s as if I traveled ahead several hours! I know this might sound ridiculous to the more casual gamers reading this, but any serious gamer should know exactly what I’m talking about. The last game that did this to me was Skyrim, but now Trials Evolution is doing it to me too, and I’m loving every minute of it (Or was that an hour? I can’t even tell anymore…)
You can now fully customize your rider’s clothes, along with the parts on your bike.

Trials Evolution, RedLynx’s exciting new sequel to Trials HD on the Xbox Live Arcade, introduces the player to the world of trial bikes. What are trial bikes you ask? They are light and nimble motorcycles that can climb extremely rocky and steep terrain at incredible speeds. In Trials Evolution, you will use these bikes to climb huge obstacles as you progress through various locations, with increasing difficulty as you progress. Although the game feels like it has a large amount of depth in its worlds, the player is still on a 2 dimensional plane like any side-scroller. The difference is that the rider makes turns, allowing the gamer to experience more than just the same wall behind the rider over the course of the whole game.

Trials is split up by difficulties. You start on the beginner maps, and as you complete them, you unlock more maps at higher difficulties. By the time you reach the final stages, you’ll be tearing your hair out at the game’s higher difficulties. Climbing up virtually 90 degree angle walls is not an easy task, but that’s what makes them so much fun. Trials has turned something so hard and aggravating into something so fun and addicting

The types of tracks in Trials Evolution are much more diverse, allowing the player to climb mountain-sized ramps as well as… well, actual mountains.

If you played Trials HD, then you will notice several improvements. The first is the amount of maps in the game. There is a long list of tracks in every difficulty, so that if a gamer prefers a certain type of gameplay, they have enough tracks to still have a good time. Another improvement is the differences in level designs. I don’t remember ever seeing 2 of the same level backgrounds. The fact that RedLynx took the time to design every area from scratch shows that they really cared about making this game as great as possible. Multiplayer is another great improvement, allowing you to join a race with 3 of your friends, or just random players found through the game’s own matchmaking system.

Now you can have up to four friends racing each other at the same time! Who needs to check leaderboards when you can just be right next to all of your friends as you beat them?

The only complaint I have about this game is that the soundtrack is horrible. Right when the game loads, an awful rock/rap song starts playing, and it really has to be some of the worst and cheesiest lines I’ve ever heard in a song. The rest of the songs are also very repetitive and I’ve found the game to be much more pleasing with the music volume down.

Given all that Trials Evolution has to offer, I would gladly give it a 9.5 out of 10.

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