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I’ve been in talks with a friend (the one who is getting me into E3) and he’s been telling me about this company called It’s an entertainment & news site, with a section dedicated to video games. Apparently the company is really starting to get big. If I remember correctly, I was told that they received over 9 million hits in their first year (which is pretty darn good). They have a lot of connections to the gaming industry, and they were compared to the next IGN or G4. As crazy as that sounds, I’m excited to see what they do in the near future. I was asked to potentially do some writing for them, so I’m in the process of checking that out. They are also the ones hosting the E3 after-party this year, and so I’ll probably go to that as well and hopefully make some connections. I know that doesn’t really affect anybody reading this, but I figured I’d still share my story as to how I got to know who they are, and then recommend that you all go and check them out for yourselves. They’ve got a pretty awesome website, and I think they’re going to be doing some pretty big things in the future. Just click the link at the beginning of this post and it will take you there. If you aren’t interested in gaming news, they have plenty of news on other topics as well, so don’t be discouraged because you think it’s all games.

I’m telling you, these guys might just be the next big thing in gaming, so you might as well go check them out! Also, if anyone reading this has his or her own favorite places to receive gaming news, feel free to post about them in the comments section below!

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