Why Xbox?

When I tell people I have a blog about Xbox, a common response I get is, “Why Xbox? Why do you choose to only write about 1 system?” I thought this was a great question to discuss, so I’ve decided to write a post about why I prefer to play Xbox instead of other systems. I’ll begin by talking about the other consoles, and then say why I’ve chosen Xbox as my favorite. Note: Although I might be biased toward Xbox, since I have played it the longest, I’ll try to weigh out the pros and cons of each. I do not hate¬†any of the consoles, so don’t accuse me of “hating on them” like so many people do online. I appreciate any and all video game systems. After all, the advancement of video games would not spread as fast as it does if it weren’t for some great competition. So let’s begin!

Playstation: The Playstation is a great system. It has great hardware, and some cool exclusives as well. However, it never really caught my attention enough to make me want to go out and buy one for myself. It was always just… “there,” if that makes any sense. However, if you look at the Xbox, it seems like there is a much larger fan base screaming about all of the new Xbox games (and a bigger fan base online as well, which is why I prefer Xbox Live over PSN). The PS3 just seems like the middle ground between the Wii and the Xbox. Yes, it has much more mature games than the Wii, but it doesn’t have even close to the same user base as the Xbox. I feel like this was one of the huge factors that made me want an Xbox. After all, as a kid, who wants to be the one kid on the block that’s not playing the same games that his friends are playing? I’m not saying that’s the greatest mentality, but hey, that’s kinda what happened. This is where Microsoft had an advantage. The PS3 came out long after the 360, giving the Xbox plenty of time to settle in and get a large user base. Sure, the PS3 was given more time to upgrade its hardware, but who would be willing to drop another 500 dollars on a new console? This is why I don’t play on a PS3. I have nothing against it, but because the Xbox came out first, it gets a lot more exclusives, a bigger fan base, and a much more vocal audience that can cause a much bigger change in the industry as a whole.

Nintendo: I wouldn’t say that I have a problem with the Wii, but I definitely don’t understand it sometimes. I completely understand that it’s going for a younger audience, but I just don’t see many of the Wii games selling at all. After all, the highest selling ones were the ones bundled in with the console (Wii sports). I do think that it’s much more user friendly, and a more casual experience (Mario party is fun to play with friends), but other than a new mario game now and then, I really don’t hear much about the Wii at all. I have plenty of friends that bought a Wii when it came out, played it for a month, and have never played it since. Also, the Wii’s resolution is only 480p. In terms of game resolution, this isn’t even close to the current standard of high-definition gaming. Sure, it’s a younger kid’s console, but can’t we at least get a 720p resolution so that we can smooth out some of those textures? Honestly, I thought the days of horribly pixelated game characters was over. I just don’t understand it. If you’ve seen the remake of COD 4 on Wii, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It looks pretty bad.

PC: PC gaming is a little more interesting. I used to play simple computer games back in the day, but as soon as I was told I had to upgrade my machine to play the new games, I stopped. Granted, I was younger at the time, so I didn’t fully comprehend the meaning of graphics cards and whatnot, but that was my main complaint. I don’t like buying a system that I have to upgrade (other than buying a new console when it’s out). I do agree that I will get a smoother and prettier picture sometimes if I use a PC, simply due to the fact that I can pimp it out like crazy with the newest hardware, but I’m fine with a slightly less crisp picture. I’m not that picky. Along the same lines, I never have to worry about checking out the specs of my machine before I buy a game. I just buy it and play. That’s it. Also, personally, I like fully customizing things I own, so I feel as if I would want to buy the best of the best for my computer if I started gaming more on it. That’s just the way I am. One thing that I do really like is the Steam marketplace. Sure, we have the Xbox Live Marketplace, but with deals going up every day, Steam just seems to know what they’re doing a little bit more.

Xbox: If you’ve made it this far, you’ll now hear why I prefer Xbox to the rest. First and foremost, I like the community. Complain about the trolls on COD all you want. I still love playing with all of my friends on Xbox Live. The way they integrate their online interactions is very easy to use, and it’s been perfected over the years to the point where it’s pretty seamless now. I also love the exclusives. Halo, Gears, Fable, Dead Rising, and many more are only on Xbox, and so naturally, I’m going to play on this console. Third, we have the Xbox Live Arcade. Steam has arcade titles too, but compared to the other consoles, XBLA is so easy to use, and we get access to so many fantastic games. Lastly, I actually don’t mind paying for Xbox Live. By having a revenue for the Live service, Microsoft can fix problems a lot faster and more efficiently, unlike the PS3, which I’ve heard takes a lot longer to get patches for. Also, I’ve personally seen the PS3’s dashboard, and I have to say, it definitely looks like there was more money put into the development of the Xbox’s interface, which probably came from the Xbox Live subscriptions.

Well that’s it! I know this was a much longer post, but I hope you made it to the end. I know there are many different opinions out there, so let your voice be heard! Post your comment below!

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