Life Achievements

I thought it would be a fun post to think of a couple “life achievements.” You know, things that you do in real life that could earn you gamerscore in a game (they don’t have to be game-related though). A lot of places have already done this, but I think it’s still fun to do. Now obviously I could just name off a bunch of the common ones like, “go to school,” or “get a car,” but those aren’t as exciting. I’ve gone to a couple websites for inspiration, so I’ve used some of theirs, as well as some of my own. I’ll list some up here, but I’d love to hear what others can think of. I’m sure there’s a bunch of hilarious ones that I totally missed, but that’s why I have you! Just submit your own in the comments section! I’m excited to see what some of you can whip up.

1. Fight in a war.
2. Parkour your way across your city.
3. Play video games for 24 hours straight.
4. Get struck by lightning (and survive).
5. Choose to go live in another country for a whole year for no particular reason.
6. Guess on every question on a test and pass (or better yet, get an A).
7. Marry a gamer.
8. Finding out that your kids love video games too.
9. Punch someone in the face.
10. Get on a game show (and win).

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