What Are YOU Playing?

I’ve been talking about all of the games that I’ve been checking out lately, but I figured it’d be cool if anyone wanted to recommend a game that they’re playing. I want this to be more than just me spouting my opinions all the time, so if you played a game recently, what’d you think of it? Was it good? Bad? Would you recommend it? If you haven’t played a game recently, are you planning on playing a game soon? Or is there a game you wish you had?

I just want to try and get other people to start discussing more on here, so hopefully this post works. If not, maybe I have to wait until I get more traffic. But either way, let’s try it! So if you’d like to share an opinion, just post it in the comment section! Also, don’t worry about putting in your email address. I promise I’m not doing anything with it. I honestly could care less what your email was. The only time I would use it is if I had to block someone, and let them know why (Or that’s the only situation I can think of off the top of my head). So if you’re scared about me spreading your email around, you have my word that I won’t. I really have no reason to. I’m a college student. I’ve got bigger priorities than ruining people’s inboxes with spam.

Also, if you’d like to bring up your own discussion topic, feel free to post a comment on my Facebook wall. That’s a great way to have a casual conversation, and I know a lot of people feel more comfortable commenting on there. So give it a try! What’ve you got to lose?

6 opinions on “What Are YOU Playing?

  1. I am playing through Warp right now since it just came out on PC. Very well made game and unique game play. Definitely worth checking out!

  2. I’ve actually been looking for a new XBLA game to play, so maybe I’ll check it out. I have heard generally good things about it. How much is it? And personally, I don’t know if their coming out for it on PC, but the new Trials game that’s coming out is sounding really good. I’m definitely looking forward to it, because the last one was sick.

  3. I’m not sure what Tribes is lol. I meant Trials: Evolution, the follow-up to Trials HD (which I absolutely loved). It’s a side-scrolling motorcycle game. And I’ll check out Warp. 10 bucks isn’t too bad if it’s a good game. The problem is that the average XBLA game seems to now be 10 dollars instead of 5 like it used to be. I wish they didn’t charge so much for some of those games, because I feel like they’d actually get a lot more sales and money if they were 5. I’m just not willing to fork over 10 bucks for a game a lot of the time.

  4. Wow that was a big misread haha. Tribes is an oldschool FPS game that was extremely unique. Tribes 2 came out about a decade ago. It is an FPS that incorporates momentum into direct gameplay. Basically you can “ski” down slopes and gain momentum and fly off hills with your jetpack. It becomes an extremely fast paced match with people flying all over blasting rockets and such around. It sounds like it would be too chaotic to be fun but really it is some of the most addicting gameplay I have ever seen in an FPS. If you have a comp that can run it I recommend trying out the new one since it is free2play. I haven’t played that specific trials game you are talking about but I have been a trials fan since it was a browser based miniclip game. Very simple but addicting gameplay in those.

  5. I recommend playing Earth’s Defense Force:Insect Armageddon. It is a sequel to Earth’s Defense Force 2017 but was high jacked by a rogue studio. While the game play is totally revamped, the core of the game is still intact. It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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