Assassin’s Creed III Preview

I made a post not too long ago regarding the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III, but at the time, there wasn’t much actual information on the game itself. Now that we’ve waited a while, more information has been released, and I’d like to spread the word in the form of a preview.

Assassin’s Creed III takes place during the American Revolution. However, the story of the war is not being told in the way that you’ve learned it before. From AC III’s point of view, the story you were told is wrong. In AC, the Revolutionary War was not merely fought on the battlefield. Behind the scenes, there was a whole other group. They influenced the course of history from within the shadows, using secrecy and stealth to their advantage. In AC III, you play as a man named Connor, who had an English father and an Indian mother (By doing this, there is no specific side that you play for. Instead, there is a type of duality playing out before you, as the 2 differing sides of your heritage collide). Connor has had many conflicts within his life. For example, as a child, he witnesses his tribe’s encounter with white colonists, which presumably didn’t end too well. This eventually leads to Connor joining the order of Assassins.


Although this is set during the American Revolution, don’t think that it’s just an American history lesson with a few twists. Yes, you’ll be fighting in historic battles and interacting with historic individuals, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Charles Lee, but the true story is still about the Assassins and the Templars. Ubisoft stated that in AC III, they don’t want the Templars to look as if they are simply evil and just want to kill everything, because they really don’t. They want peace just like the Assassins do, but the difference is that they want peace through control. By showing the similarities among the two factions, the game allows the character to explore the gray area where the two collide. It is no longer a simple battle of good versus evil. These are two sides who know very well what they want, but simply have two different ways of accomplishing it.

Ubisoft has also stated that the engine for this game has been completely upgraded. It now has much better visuals (Instead of a maximum of 100 bodies on the screen, AC III can now hold up to 1,000), and the fighting mechanics are much more fluid, allowing you to play offensively, rather than just defensively (It always bugged me when I had to kill a whole group of enemies with nothing but the same counter-attack 20 times in a row). The most significant weapon that Connor has been seen using so far is his tomahawk. If you’ve seen the┬áreveal trailer for the game, you’ve seen how brutal that weapon can be. I’m pretty excited to use it myself, and I can’t wait to see what other 18th century weapons Ubisoft has decided on using.

If you’ve seen the trailer, then you’ve also seen what the landscape is going to be like. A lot of the environment is a snowy forest area, where Connor can jump from tree to tree and climb rocky cliffs. I think this is a fantastic idea, because I was really sick of the dull brownish colors that the other game’s have had. There are so many new possibilities with this new environment, and I think that it was a great idea to keep the current fans happy by switching it up. Other environments include army encampments and several of the well-known northeastern towns, like Boston and New York.

Although the full story hasn’t actually been released yet, I’m really looking forward to this game (mostly because it’s different). If it was in the same setting, I don’t know if I would have picked it up. When more information on the story is announced, I will try to post it up here. If you have any more questions on the game, feel free to comment and ask, because there is a lot more info, but I just wanted to provide the most significant information.

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