Imperfection At Its Finest

I’ve been thinking about all of the games I’ve played throughout the years. I’ve played so many great games on Xbox that it’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’ve got it pinned down. My favorite game on Xbox was Halo 2 (not series, but just a single game). I know that it’s pretty old now, and I know it had flaws, but I think that’s what made it so great. It was completely raw. There was no “special abilities” or “perks” of any kind. It was simply kill, or be killed. I remember all of the hilarious glitches that the game had. It had so many exploits that I couldn’t help but laugh every time I played it (None of the maps were built with impenetrable borders, so if you tried hard enough, you could basically get out of any of them). This is what really got me into playing Xbox. No matter how much the game was flawed, I could always get online and have a great time with my friends. I think that this is the problem with today’s average game. Companies are trying to make them way too complicated. I understand patching them so they don’t have inherent flaws, but I think they go a little overboard sometimes. There’s just too many abilities, classes, and perks to truly enjoy the game. Instead of enjoying the gameplay, we’re always worried if our weapon layout is the best it can be. I think it would be much better if our modern games were simplified. Now that I’ve given my opinion on the matter, my question to anyone who reads this is as follows: What is your favorite Xbox game of all time and why? I would love to hear some opinions if you’ve got ’em!

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  1. Mine would definitely have to be Call of Duty 3. I started out on Xbox Live with this game. It’s the reason why I bought the following Call of Duties, which were also very good. Call of Duty 3 started my gaming phase, it was so simple and yet so addicting. Every game having your rank set back made it so much more of a challenge to get back up. There were no perks you got off the bat, with only 3 ranks in the game you would get a little more ammo for the first time ranking up and then artillery strikes with the next. I always had a good time on the game, I don’t think I ever got angry with it, like some of the other Call of Duties, I think it wasn’t a serious as the other Call of Duties, and much easier to have fun on. You could goof off on this game or play seriously, I think that is the main reason why Call of Duty 3 is my favorite game.

  2. You are 100% right here. The leveling up based game play that COD4 introduced was the death of excellent game play. Instead of working to out skill your opponents you worked to out class them. This formula directly lowers the fun of actual game play and reduces the skill required to play. It becomes a match of who spent more time leveling up and getting better equipment than you. This is why I am still a lover of games like Counter Strike. Counter Strike is the ultimate example of a game that sets up very well made levels and gun play, and then makes you compete off skill alone to win the match. I can’t wait for CS:GO (Which will be the first CS game on all consoles and PC). It is making some changes that will hopefully help newcomers get into CS, because as it is right now the learning curve is too steep for any new players to jump in that aren’t great PC gamers already.

  3. I had that exact problem when I tried to play CS. Everyone else was just too skilled for me to even start playing. The learning curve was so bad that I eventually gave up. I haven’t heard about the upcoming CS game in a while. I know they announced it, but that’s pretty much all I’ve heard. Maybe they’ll have a preview at E3 this year, because I’ll most likely be attending 🙂

  4. You should definitely check out CS:GO. They have been doing beta for awhile *crosses fingers for the email to get in* but it looks fantastic and they are incorporating ranking systems and matchmaking to make it easy for noobies to play with other noobies haha. Plus since it is going to be on console you figure EVERYONE on xbox or ps3 is a noob to it so the learning curve won’t be so harsh like it is on PC. I love that game though. If you devote the time to get past that curve of being awful it is very enjoyable to play.

  5. That’s really cool. A ranking system is a great idea. Yeah, that was the only problem for me when I played. I was way too bad at it to really do anything substantial haha. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it, cuz I need a new shooter to play. Recently I’ve actually been enjoying Mass Effect 3 online, but it doesn’t really have the same feel that an FPS has.

  6. Yeah I haven’t played ME3 multiplayer. It seemed interesting enough but not something that is going to hold its own against other games designed for multiplayer. Did you know that Bioware was actually making a ME FPS that was in somewhat late stages of development that they then re purposed into the ME3 multiplayer? Interesting stuff.

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