Social Networking And Gaming

Now that I have this blog, I’ve been following more and more  individuals from gaming industries on various social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and I’m really glad I have. It’s truly amazing to think of how communication has advanced. I can now personally contact my favorite game developers and have them immediately message me back with their response. I’ve already talked to multiple people involved in the games industry, and without these sites, I doubt I ever would have been able to. This type of communication, although it leads to a lot of trolling and flame wars, has helped a lot of businesses improve. There is no better way to get immediate feedback on a product/issue. I just felt like I’d pass this thought along, because if you’ve ever had a problem with a game or just wanted to contact a developer to tell them how good of a job they did, I recommend going for it. Send them a message and tell them how you feel. They might not always message you back, but at least you have a chance, and if they do, it’s such a gratifying feeling. It feels like you’ve personally made a difference (depending on what you said, of course), and at least for me, that feels really good. If you’d like a couple names of individuals to follow within the gaming industry, check out my Twitter because I’m basically only following people who are involved with games.

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