Mass Effect 3 Review (Updated)

I’ve played ME3 some more, so I thought I’d add some more to this review. If you’ve already read what I have so far, just skip to the bottom and you’ll see what I’ve added.

Mass Effect 3 is finally here!!! I really do hope that everyone is going out and buying this game because it is SO incredible. I’ve only played it for a day now, but I’m definitely hooked already. If you’re still curious about what the whole game is about, I’ll give a quick synopsis. The main character in Mass Effect is Commander Shepard. You can choose to make Shepard a male or female, and fully customize his/her appearance. Without going too deep into the past games, Shepard is basically a hero who has saved the universe several times from oncoming threats (the typical kind of hero story one would find in any sort of video game of this magnitude). In the third game, Shepard must save everyone from the biggest threat they have ever seen: the reapers. The reapers are an incredibly powerful race of beings, whose powers cannot be matched by any other living creature (as far as we know). They are not simply biological creatures, but rather something greater. As discovered in Mass Effect 2, (*SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t played the other games!!!) these reapers come about every 50,000 years and wipe out all living organisms. They kill all powerful civilizations and then have all of the others start from scratch (This whole concept vaguely reminded me of the end of The Matrix, where Neo finds out that there are many cycles of life, and he is just one of many. He then goes on to try and change his fate, just like Shepard does). However, humanity has never known about any of this until Commander Shepard found traces of a previous civilization, known as the Protheans. He now uses their knowledge in an attempt to discover a way to defeat the reapers, instead of having humanity die once again.

At the beginning of Mass Effect 3, we learn that the reapers have now invaded Earth, and are taking out whole colonies on other planets as well. Commander Shepard and his crew are running out of time before they will all be wiped out, and so it is his task to find as many allies as possible in an attempt to fight back against the reapers. This causes you to travel to the far reaches of space while performing daring missions for several different individuals. It also causes you to find out how the relationships you made with various races in the previous games will affect who your allies will be.

Unlike the other two games, this one has a multiplayer mode as well. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it as much as others have, but from what I have seen so far, it consists of teams of 4 fighting against several waves of enemies, while having to complete certain tasks. The only flaw that I’ve seen in the online modes is that when a player first starts out, they are at an extreme disadvantage. They have only the most basic gear, and no extra abilities. Therefore, players with higher levels have a much easier time and so it can possibly get annoying. However, it is still extremely entertaining to play as the different classes from campaign with other players online. The other problem people are going to have is the fact that there is an online pass to play multiplayer. This means that if someone buys ME3 used, they will have to pay a one-time fee just to play online.

This is a fantastic game on all fronts. The story is just as great as the previous 2 (at least so far), and the more action-oriented playing style of this game makes it just different enough to keep it fresh while still feeling like the same series. If I were to rate this game, I would give it a 10 out of 10. (I would love to rate the Kinect functionality in the game, but I don’t have one. So unfortunately I can’t review that part.)

I do realize that I’ve only played it for a day, so if I do end up changing my mind, I will definitely update this post and change my rating. However, as of right now, the game is great and I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

UPDATE: Now that I’ve played it some more, I would like to talk about the some of the features that I didn’t previously discuss. First off, the graphics in this game are amazing. Every single time I play it, I’m amazed at the sheer detail in everything, especially the characters’ faces. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the previous characters from Mass Effect make a return. Seeing them all join up to fight the reapers is exhilarating, especially if you’ve played the other 2 games. This is because of the fact that, depending on how you acted towards them in the previous games, they will act a certain way. Also, if they died in your previous games, they won’t even appear in your game unless you start from scratch. This alone has had a largest impact on my campaign experience so far, because it is amazing to have a unique experience because of something you did in a whole other game. I have already had countless experiences where something has happened solely based upon a previous action I’ve done within one of the two previous games. If I have any more info, I’ll be sure to post more here!

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