E3: A Glimpse At The Future Of Gaming

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3) is coming soon, and I am extremely excited. What’s E3, you ask? Well, in most gamers’ eyes, it is the center for the biggest and baddest (in a good way) games of the near future. It is a 3 day event at the LA Convention Center where game developers get together and show off their upcoming releases and/or hardware. There’s tons of booths where journalists can go and play early-stage versions of the hottest upcoming games in order to write previews for their respective companies. The only unfortunate thing about E3 is that regular gamers are not allowed to attend the event. It is only for developers and game-related organizations, in order for them to figure out where the current industry stands, and get a glimpse at what there is to come in the near future. Now this does not mean that regular gamers are never able to know what goes on during the show. In fact, that’s the complete opposite. The game industry wants consumers to know what is in the near future. The reason why normal people can’t go is simply because there would be too many people! That’s why G4, the television station that is mainly centered around gaming, has a 3 day event where their lead TV hosts walk the viewers all around the show floor, showing them what it is that they need to know if they want to stay in the loop. They broadcast the presentations that developers give, and then have discussions based on that showcase. E3 is still a couple months away, but I’m bringing this up because I just recently found out that I might actually be able to go this year! I have always wanted to go, but simply haven’t been able to. I’ll now be able to see all of the upcoming games in person, instead of over a TV screen! Also, now that I have this blog, I’ll be posting all about it each day, and letting everyone know what I find. I’ll have more information about it later, but I wanted everyone to know that if you haven’t heard of E3, and you love video games, you have┬áto check it out. On top of that, if you want to know the opinions of E3 from a simple gamer’s perspective, as opposed to a large gaming corporation’s, I will definitely provide that information as it happens.

If you want to know more about E3, check out their official site. It’s June 5-7, and will cover different things each day. Stay tuned for more info!

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