Life Achievements

I thought it would be a fun post to think of a couple “life achievements.” You know, things that you do in real life that could earn you gamerscore in a game (they don’t have to be game-related though). A lot of places have already done this, but I think it’s still fun to do. Now obviously I could just name off a bunch of the common ones like, “go to school,” or “get a car,” but those aren’t as exciting. I’ve gone to a couple websites for inspiration, so I’ve used some of theirs, as well as some of my own. I’ll list some up here, but I’d love to hear what others can think of. I’m sure there’s a bunch of hilarious ones that I totally missed, but that’s why I have you! Just submit your own in the comments section! I’m excited to see what some of you can whip up.

1. Fight in a war.
2. Parkour your way across your city.
3. Play video games for 24 hours straight.
4. Get struck by lightning (and survive).
5. Choose to go live in another country for a whole year for no particular reason.
6. Guess on every question on a test and pass (or better yet, get an A).
7. Marry a gamer.
8. Finding out that your kids love video games too.
9. Punch someone in the face.
10. Get on a game show (and win).

What Are YOU Playing?

I’ve been talking about all of the games that I’ve been checking out lately, but I figured it’d be cool if anyone wanted to recommend a game that they’re playing. I want this to be more than just me spouting my opinions all the time, so if you played a game recently, what’d you think of it? Was it good? Bad? Would you recommend it? If you haven’t played a game recently, are you planning on playing a game soon? Or is there a game you wish you had?

I just want to try and get other people to start discussing more on here, so hopefully this post works. If not, maybe I have to wait until I get more traffic. But either way, let’s try it! So if you’d like to share an opinion, just post it in the comment section! Also, don’t worry about putting in your email address. I promise I’m not doing anything with it. I honestly could care less what your email was. The only time I would use it is if I had to block someone, and let them know why (Or that’s the only situation I can think of off the top of my head). So if you’re scared about me spreading your email around, you have my word that I won’t. I really have no reason to. I’m a college student. I’ve got bigger priorities than ruining people’s inboxes with spam.

Also, if you’d like to bring up your own discussion topic, feel free to post a comment on my Facebook wall. That’s a great way to have a casual conversation, and I know a lot of people feel more comfortable commenting on there. So give it a try! What’ve you got to lose?

Silent Hill: Downpour Review

Silent Hill: Downpour came out recently, and BLaK xEntertainmentx (If you don’t know who this is, check out my previous posts) recently made a gameplay video about it. I figured people might be interested in knowing if the game was good or not, so I asked him to make a quick review of it. So here it is!

If you are a fan of Silent Hill or horror games in general, then you will enjoy Silent Hill: Downpour. The game’s soundtrack is absolutely stunning. With all of the weird sounds going on around you, it definitely keeps you on your toes. The graphics in the game aren’t too bad, but they could be better. The scenery is great, but I feel the graphics on the monsters still lack quality. It seems as if the designers rushed the monsters, because they can look fake and cheesy at times. Don’t let that stop you from buying the game, however, because it’s just a minor problem. Control-wise, the game has a great feel. For example, Continue reading

BLaK xEntertainmentx: MW3 Infection Spots

Do you play MW3 infection? If you do, then you should check out my cousin’s latest post on his youtube channel, BLaK xEntertainmentx. He’s going over the best and latest infections spots that have, as of right now, not been patched yet. This video will definitely help you survive longer, so I highly recommend watching it!!!

BLaK xEntertainmentx youtube channel

On a side note, if anyone would like me to review a game I’ve played, check out my profile (BLaK xASSAULTx) on Xbox Live to see what I’ve played (I’ve played a lot). I’d be more than happy to let you know if a certain game is worth playing or not!

New Addition To The Site!!!

Hey everyone! I’m proud to announce a new addition to my posts on I’m in a clan (the BLaK clan) on Xbox Live, and my cousin, one of the members, just started up a youtube channel for Xbox. It’s called BLaK xEntertainmentx, and he’s going to be posting up, tips, tricks, how-to’s and more. It’s mainly going to be about Call of Duty and Battlefield, but he’s going to have some other stuff up on there as well. Although he’s not actually a part of XboxOpinions, I will be sharing his videos on here for discussions, as well as helpful sources of information for those of you who would like to learn some tips & tricks in various games. So please check out this video, because it’s his first one, and I hope you like it!!!

Oh, and if you’re curious, his gamertag is BLaK xLaVenDeRx. Also, I never posted my gamertag, so mine is BLaK xASSAULTx. If you want, you can check my profile and see what games I’ve played, and if you want me to review any of the games on my list of played games, just contact me and let me know!

BLaK xEntertainmentx’s channel

Assassin’s Creed III Preview

I made a post not too long ago regarding the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III, but at the time, there wasn’t much actual information on the game itself. Now that we’ve waited a while, more information has been released, and I’d like to spread the word in the form of a preview.

Assassin’s Creed III takes place during the American Revolution. However, the story of the war is not being told in the way that you’ve learned it before. From AC III’s point of view, the story you were told is wrong. In AC, the Revolutionary War was not merely fought on the battlefield. Behind the scenes, there was a whole other group. They influenced the course of history from within the shadows, using secrecy and stealth to their advantage. In AC III, you play as a man named Connor, who had an English father and an Indian mother (By doing this, there is no specific side that you play for. Instead, there is a type of duality playing out before you, as the 2 differing sides of your heritage collide). Connor has had many conflicts within his life. For example, as a child, he witnesses his tribe’s encounter with white colonists, which presumably didn’t end too well. This eventually leads to Connor joining the order of Assassins.

Continue reading

Mass Effect Ending Discussion

I was contacted recently by a few friends who wanted to discuss the controversial ending to Mass Effect 3 (If you haven’t seen yet, a lot of people are angry about how Bioware ended the series). However, at the time, I hadn’t finished the game. So I told them that as soon as I finished it, I would make a post on here so that we could discuss the matter. I just finished it last night, so here it is! We will discuss whether we liked the ending, as well as a couple theories that several of us have pertaining to the game. If you’d like to give your own opinion or theory, don’t hesitate to make a comment! So let the spoilers begin!!!



Imperfection At Its Finest

I’ve been thinking about all of the games I’ve played throughout the years. I’ve played so many great games on Xbox that it’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’ve got it pinned down. My favorite game on Xbox was Halo 2 (not series, but just a single game). I know that it’s pretty old now, and I know it had flaws, but I think that’s what made it so great. It was completely raw. There was no “special abilities” or “perks” of any kind. It was simply kill, or be killed. I remember all of the hilarious glitches that the game had. It had so many exploits that I couldn’t help but laugh every time I played it (None of the maps were built with impenetrable borders, so if you tried hard enough, you could basically get out of any of them). This is what really got me into playing Xbox. No matter how much the game was flawed, I could always get online and have a great time with my friends. I think that this is the problem with today’s average game. Companies are trying to make them way too complicated. I understand patching them so they don’t have inherent flaws, but I think they go a little overboard sometimes. There’s just too many abilities, classes, and perks to truly enjoy the game. Instead of enjoying the gameplay, we’re always worried if our weapon layout is the best it can be. I think it would be much better if our modern games were simplified. Now that I’ve given my opinion on the matter, my question to anyone who reads this is as follows: What is your favorite Xbox game of all time and why? I would love to hear some opinions if you’ve got ’em!

February’s NPD Sales Numbers

Have you ever heard of the NPD sales numbers? I’m not surprised if your answer is no. A lot of people haven’t. They are basically the sales figures of the gaming industry in the United States. Meaning, it tracks how many consoles, handhelds, games, etc. were sold within a given month or year. The stats are released every month, and are typically used by game industry analysts and people who work within the industry in order to see how they are doing. The NPD sales numbers for February just came out a few days ago, and I figured I’d pass along the news. Admittedly, I did not look up these numbers myself. I actually get them from KOXM (The Official Xbox Magazine’s podcast) every month. It’s quite fascinating to see what the stats look like each month because then you can see how each console/game is doing, and from there, attempt to predict what will happen in the following months. These are some of February’s sales numbers:  Continue reading

What Does A Game Rating Even Mean Anymore?

I’m sure most people who play online can agree that FPS games are breeding grounds for obscenity-shouting 10 year olds. We’ve all seen/heard it. Some kid is always in the lobby shouting the most horrid things straight into your ear until the whole lobby mutes him. The problem is that we often blame these games for turning these kids this way, when I personally believe that the games have little to do with it. Yes, I agree that they might have taught the kids these words (Or the other people online that are playing the game), but it’s not the video game industry’s fault. I know this is a touchy subject to a lot of people, but you have to understand that these are just my opinions (Obviously seen right in the title). I believe that the video game industry often gets a bad rap for what the players (specifically kids) do. After all, we rarely hear of an adult doing something horrid and having the media blame it on video games (Even though the average age for gamers is anywhere from 20-30 from the different sources I’ve read). I believe that Continue reading