Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

UPDATE: I’ve played the game a little more now, so I’ve edited this review a little bit and added some more information at the end.

I’ve been playing KOAR (Let’s just go with KOAR, since the name is so big), and I’ve been having a pretty good time. It isn’t the greatest game I’ve played, but it’s definitely not the worst either. If you want to know the whole background and story of the game, I’m not going to be covering it here (Mostly because, in my opinion, it’s not that great. At least not yet. I’m still getting into it). From the beginning, it felt as though the game was lacking in something. Yes, the game has you customize your character at the beginning, but it doesn’t feel right. There are preset options for everything, so it doesn’t have full customization, but I didn’t really mind that too much. Little things, however, started to bug me.The fact that I couldn’t just hold up or down to scroll quickly through a list seemed like something that could’ve been an easy thing to implement (It works on some lists later in the game, so maybe it’s just a small bug or something). After I started playing for a while, I started to get the hang of it. Almost too much, it seemed. I began the game on normal difficulty, but it was so easy that I felt as if I had to at least┬áplay on hard. I did, however, like how the skills were set up, giving the player the classic RPG feel, even though it seemed like some of the skills didn’t do much until you upgraded them all the way (Which I guess didn’t matter, because the game was still pretty easy anyways). As I started to do some side quests, I discovered more and more locations, and I have to say, the scenic views in the game are pretty nice. Although kind of barren, the colors really pop out at you as you walk through the world. The conversations with characters aren’t very compelling to pay attention to, but there are RPG-style bad vs. good choices, so that keeps it more entertaining. Another thing that has been bugging me is the fact that the game doesn’t let me do things that I should be able to do. For example, I can’t step down a 4 foot step to the road below. I have to instead walk around to the slope that lets me down or find a designated pedestal that lets me jump off. Besides that, I do like the fighting mechanics. They’re extremely fluid and each weapon has cool abilities to experiment with. Other positive aspects of the game include the size of the map (It’s huge!), and different types of landscapes that are covered as your character wanders through the world.

At first, I felt like the game was lacking in something, but as I play it more, I am really starting to like the game. I think the gameplay jut takes some time to get used to, and so because of that, I think some people might not like it when they first start playing. My advice would be to keep at it, because it does get better as you progress. Is it my favorite RPG? No. If I were to recommend an RPG for someone, I would tell them to buy Mass Effect or Skyrim. Is it a bad RPG? Definitely not. I’m really starting to like it, and if you’re contemplating buying KOAR, I would say to go ahead and get it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

My rating: 8/10

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