MLG Pro Circuit Controller

There’s a new controller on the market for Xbox and PS3 users, and I figured I’d spread the word. It’s called the MLG Pro Circuit Controller and it seems pretty interesting. I’d definitely like to try it out. Mad Catz built the controller on the idea that every gamer has their own preference when using a controller. All of the main buttons can be rearranged in order to fit your style. Even the joysticks can be moved! You can now put the D-pad in place of where the joysticks are, or add weights to the bottom of the controller (Which is cool, but I wonder how it would affect gameplay). It is a wired controller, which at first I thought was a downside, but then it made sense considering it is designed for MLG (Major League Gaming) use. Nobody wants to run out of batteries in the middle of a tournament. On top of that, the cord is extremely durable and screws into the controller, which allows you to easily store the controller if you want. Lastly, the grips and faceplate of the controller can be changed to have different textures while playing. I found this controller to be quite fascinating, considering the fact that nobody has made anything like it before. I’d like to state that I heard this news on the One Of Swords podcast, so here’s another example of great news that they talk about. If anybody wants to see what it looks like, visit the Mad CatzĀ website. The only downside I can foresee people talking about is the cost, but I don’t even think that’s a problem, considering what it does. It’s $100, whereas the regular Xbox controllers (wired) are about $50 I think. So if you’re looking for a new controller, might as well go for the top-of-the-line hardware being used by the pros!

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