Future Games On Xbox

I think the Xbox needs to have several strong new IP’s coming out at the launch of the console. Games that will push the boundaries of the console and show everyone the capabilities of the new hardware. Big games like Halo, Call Of Duty, and others also need to make an appearance at launch. They need to go all-out in order to get a large enough user base on the new console. All of the different big-hitters will attract the different types of crowds within the Xbox community, and convince them all to make the transition, instead of just one group. I also think that, if possible, a developer should try to make a good MMO for the Xbox Live community. All of the ones that have come out so far have failed miserably, and I’d like to see a decent MMO on Xbox. I know it’s hard to do, but if accomplished, we could see a whole new community of gamers move to Xbox. I also feel like a lot of the release titles should be console exclusive. That way, people have to buy the console to play them, instead of getting them on another console, like the PS3. Well, that’s about it. If anybody has any other ideas, feel free to comment below!

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