Achievement Unlocked!

I recently got my gamerscore above 50,000, and it feels like quite an accomplishment. There’s just something about the idea of achievements that I love. Achievements have caused me to play games in ways that I never have before. I purposely try to get every last achievement if it’s a good enough game, but I don’t know why. Why is it that I feel like I have some sort of obligation to get as many achievements as I can? After all, the points don’t really do anything. The only thing they do is show how much you play, but that’s not even what drives me. The concept of setting goals and completing them is exciting, and has kept me playing many games for a lot longer than I would have if I didn’t have achievements to unlock. However, I know a lot of people don’t feel the same way. Some don’t care at all about achievements. They think it’s stupid to “find all the hidden artifacts,” or whatever the goal might be within a given game. I think it might have to do with competitiveness. I’m a very competitive person, and I see achievements as a challenge straight from the developer saying, “I bet you can’t beat this on the highest difficulty!” or something along those lines. It’s also a competition against fellow gamers. I once had a competition with a cousin to see who could beat all of the expert levels first on an Xbox Live Arcade Game entitled N+ (I fully recommend it. It’s a fantastic game.). It was like a race, and I enjoyed every minute of it…

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  1. I believe I won on N+, I’m not sure though. I think it was a really close call. However, we did the same for the Arcade game Trials HD and he killed me. I could barely even beat it on the hardest difficulty, let alone beat his score.

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