Podcasts Anyone?

I’ve listened to a lot of gaming podcasts, but most of them haven’t lasted. They either stopped making episodes, or just simply lost their touch. Even most of the gaming podcasts put on by the famous gaming channel G4 have come and gone. They only have a few good ones left. However, I have stuck to two specific podcasts that have helped me stay in the loop with a lot of gaming news. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I haven’t actually talked about them in any sort of depth. The first podcast I listened to is one of the only ones that I have still stuck with all this time. The Official Xbox Magazine Podcast (KOXM) has been the greatest source of Xbox news I’ve ever had, besides their monthly magazine. I’ve been listening since episode one, and they’re now on episode 285. They have been around for so long that they’ve really perfected the art of podcasting. They have giveaways every week and I’ve won multiple times. After listening to KOXM for a while, one of the co-hosts left and started his own podcast because he was hired by Activision. He then started the One Of Swords podcasts, which also happens to be the other podcast I now listen to. They have great information on all types of gaming (related to Activision, obviously), and the co-hosts are hilarious. They’re both fantastic weekly podcasts and I recommend them both to all gamers. If anyone would like to check them out, the links are on the right side of the home page.

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