Saints Row: GTA With More Comedy

So I played Saints Row: The Third not too long ago, and I have to say, what a fun game! The easiest way to describe the game to someone who has never played Saints Row before (and don’t care about the plot) is that it’s pretty much Grand Theft Auto, but with a LOT more comedy. And by a lot of comedy, I mean that I played half of the game as a giant, muscular, red-skinned bald guy with a strong british accent. I played the other half as a giant green man dressed like The Hulk with a zombie voice. He literally just grunted and moaned the whole time. I can’t explain how crazy the game is. I barely played the other two games, and I still had a blast. Because I didn’t play them, I didn’t understand the story as much as I wanted to, but it really didn’t affect me all that much. I was too distracted at hundreds of other things I could do besides follow the story, and even when I did play the story, it was SO over-the-top that I had a blast playing it anyways. The only thing I’d warn people about is the fact that it’s rated M for a reason. It is NOT a kids game by any means. There are a lot of sexual references throughout the game (I don’t think most kids would catch them, but that’s not the point), and it is pretty violent. All in all, I loved the gameplay and I have very few complaints. The things that were annoying in the game were pretty small and aren’t really worth mentioning. So if you’re looking for a fun, casual, and hilarious time, pick up Saints Row!

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