Neversoft Makes A Comeback!

Remember the OLD Tony Hawk games? The only real good ones, in my opinion. They lost me after Underground 1. How about the original Spiderman game? Or Guitar Hero? These were all games made by Neversoft. Now I know that they’ve made a lot more games than that, but these ones in particular were my favorite. I’ve stopped following them for a while because they’ve basically just dedicated themselves to Guitar Hero for the past couple years (until it shut down), and I stopped buying those games a long time ago (5 GH releases over the course of 2 years was ridiculous). But I follow Dan Amrich, the man behind One Of Swords (Go to his site for more info. He has a great podcast too), and he recently mentioned the fact that Neversoft is coming back with an all new game plan. They created a brand new Facebook page (Like the page to follow them, if you wish to do so), and they’re trying to gather their fan base for an all new project they’re working on. I actually commented on their wall post, and they said it was going to be an FPS, but that was all they could say. Personally, I’m extremely excited to see what they have in store, because I used to love their work. So I figured I’d spread the word in case anybody else was interested in checking it out as well.

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