My First Real Post!

I’ve been thinking about what to start talking about, and I think I’ve decided to discuss upcoming game releases that I’m looking forward to. To start things off, I’m personally looking forward to the release of The Darkness II. The first game was an extremely dark and gruesome FPS (First-Person-Shooter). However, it still had a heavy presence of sarcasm and humor throughout the story. The fact that a developer could have the player eat the hearts out of civilians and not have them cringe at the sight of it takes some talent. There was just something about the tone of the story, the whole “mobster attitude” that all of the characters had, that gave it such an original taste. Now in the 2nd game, Jackie Estacado (the main character) is the Don of his Italian mobster family, and after two years of silence, the demon inside of him has reemerged. Now you, the player, have to battle against an all new family in a huge mob war, while still battling against the demon inside of you. I just think the idea behind this story is awesome and I can’t wait to play it after it comes out on the 7th.

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